What is Lucentis®?

Lucentis® is an injectable solution for the eye that stops the progression of Retinal Disease. It is used to treat some eye diseases that affect the retina and blood vessels. Lucentis® helps to slow the disease and helps to maintain vision. This treatment is useful for visual impairments.

How To Use Lucentis®?

Use Lucentis® via an intravitreal injection. Use strict aseptic techniques while performing this Eye Injection Procedure. Make sure your eyes are clean while using an Iodine Solution and before carrying out the injection. A new vial should be used for one eye and if you need to inject Lucentis® into the other eye then use another vial. Focus intraocular pressure before (and 30 minutes after) the procedure. You need to wait for a couple of weeks or at least before using Lucentis® again in the same or you can consult a certified healthcare professional.

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What Does Lucentis® Come With?

Each Lucentis® package contains a 1-1ml Glass Vial Of Solution and an information leaflet that provides important information about the Lucentis®. Read the leaflet thoroughly before using Lucentis® or consult a doctor before using it.

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Side Effects of Lucentis®:

Each treatment can have side effects. Comprehend the advantages and dangers of any medicine you may have. Any Eye Injection, including Lucentis®, may cause these rare problems:

  • Being additional delicate to light
  • Eye torment
  • Enlarging inside the eye
  • Eye disease
  • Withdrawn retina (where the retina lifts from the rear of the eye)

Cautions To Take Lucentis®:

Before using this medication, tell your doctor or drug specialist your Medical History, particularly a current eye disease or stroke. Before any sort of a medical procedure, make sure to inform your PCP or dental specialist concerning every one of the items you use. That incorporates professionally prescribed drugs, nonprescription drugs, and natural items. Before getting ranibizumab, tell your doctor or drug specialist if you are susceptible to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What amount of time does it require for Lucentis® to work?

It can take just seven days for specific individuals to develop less liquid in their retina and better vision.

2. Does Lucentis® raise circulatory strain?

No, Lucentis® doesn't cause changes in circulatory strain.

3. For what reason is Lucentis® so costly?

One of the fundamental reasons that Lucentis® costs more in the United States is how drug costs are arranged.