What is Azzalure® 125U?

Azzalure® 125U is an FDA-approved muscle relaxant made with natural substances like Botulinum toxin, which is already present in our body. It temporarily relaxes muscles to fade the wrinkles and fine lines. The medicine is a naturally produced protein that does not make your face look devoid of expressions and movement. It is entirely natural and does not make you look like a fake person. The results show that in just 2 to 3 days of the Azzalure® 125U Treatment, it lasts up to 5 months. After that, you can repeat the treatment as you like. After the treatment, it is advised to contract the muscles. For example, if you have the treatment done for crow's feet, you have to laugh regularly to help the muscle get back to normal from this medicine which is also available in Fairview, TN, and it is the same for forehead and frown lines. If you stop getting the treatment, your face will return to its original state and does not cause any damage.

Azzalure® 125U 2 Vial Fairview - Tennessee

What is Azzalure® 125U Used For?

Azzalure® 125U has been used for many years to treat prominent folds, frown lines on the forehead, and crow’s feet. Azzalure® 125U is very safe and suitable to use. It is mainly used to reduce muscle movement. As a result, the Wrinkles And Lines Disappear. The majority of women and men under 65 years of age prefer this medication available in Fairview, TN.

How To Use Azzalure® 125U?

Azzalure® 125U is used in face lifting and Wrinkle Removing procedures. The doctors in Fairview, TN are in charge of determining the right amount of the medication, and the Azzalure® 125U Injections are injected in the spots where it is needed. Also, the treatment is divided into sessions according to the condition of the skin and facial features.

How Azzalure® 125U Works?

When injected into the target muscle, Azzalure® 125U (botulinum toxin type A) binds to the presynaptic nerve endings, crosses the pre-synaptic nerve membrane, and blocks the release of the Neurotransmitter Acetylcholine. This results in a reversible, inhibition of neurotransmission at the neuromuscular junction of the injected muscles.

Why Azzalure® 125U is Prescribed?

Azzalure® 125U is prescribed to adults less than 65 years of age to improve the outlook of the face and enhance the facial features but tighten the skin. Buy Azzalure® 125U Medication Online in Fairview, TN which is effective for moderate to severe lateral canthal lines, Glabellar lines that include vertical frown lines on the forehead. The medicine is prescribed by qualified professionals.

What Conditions Does Azzalure® 125U Treat?

Azzalure® 125U is very beneficial in Treating Wrinkles and fine lines caused by the aging process. Also, it fades away the deep folds and crow feet around lips to help you look youthful and beautiful. Get Azzalure® 125U in Fairview, TN that is also an effective medicine for migraines and excess perspiration. The results are satisfactory and long-lasting.

Azzalure® 125U Effects

After Azzalure® 125U injection in the glabellar muscles (corrugators and procerus), moderate to severe glabellar wrinkles are reduced. The median time to onset of response is 2 to 3 days following Azzalure® 125U Treatment. An optimal effect of Azzalure® 125U was demonstrated for up to 4 months after injection. Some patients were still responders at 5 months. The treatment interval depends on the individual patient’s response after assessment. Treatment interval should not be more frequent than every 3 months.

Azzalure® 125U Dosage

The dose may vary for different treatments. The usually recommended quantity is 30 Speywood units of Azzalure® 125U on each side of the face or eyes, available for the patient in Fairview, TN. Also, the amount of medication is divided into three injections areas. The 10 Speywood Units of Azzalure® 125U are intramuscularly injected on the marked site. The Needle of the syringe should be parallel (20 - 30° angle) to the skin. Treatment is advised to be repeated every 6 to 12 months for consistent results.

Azzalure® 125U dosage in Fairview, TN

Side Effects of Azzalure® 125U:

Azzalure® 125U is mostly used around the eyes or on the forehead. Side Effects of Azzalure® 125U the drug are mentioned below but are not limited to only these:

  • Facial insensibility
  • Saggy or drooping eyelids 
  • Pain in the inner eye
  • Twitching around the eyes or lips
  • Swelling of the face
  • Burning or stinging sensation
  • Watery or dry eyes

Cautions To Take Azzalure® 125U:

Azzalure® 125U is relatively safe to use and there are No Cautions To Take Azzalure® 125U in Fairview, TN, but a complete body check-up is advised. Also, the doctor may check your medical history to check if you have any infections and allergies before. No other cautions are suggested during the treatment but do not rub or massage the treated area after the sessions as it may form rash and bruise afterward.